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2.1 billion people are not able to access clean drinking water and groundwater is being depleted faster than it can be replenished,according to the World Bank。该United Nations estimates四个每十人被缺水的今天受到影响。

Praveen Kumar, Chief Editor of Frontiers in Water
Praveen Kumar

万博亚洲体育前沿in Water— a new open access online-only journal is set to launch in 2019 — provides a platform for science to address these urgent challenges head-on. Under the stewardship of Chief Editor ProfessorPraveen Kumar,伊利诺伊大学,杂志探讨在各种情况下,如建筑环境,临界区,水体,如河流,湖泊,地下水和冰雪圈,与水有关的成果,如公共卫生和传染病水的问题。

万博亚洲体育前沿in Water led by top scientists

该distinguished Editorial Board of万博亚洲体育前沿in Waterincludes ProfessorPraveen Kumar; ProfessorHarrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen, Forschungszentrum Jülich; ProfessorAuroop甘古利东北大学;博士Boris van Breukelen,代尔夫特理工大学;和教授Carl Steefel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


Four more specialties will be ready for submissions in early 2019:

  • Water Quality
  • Water and Critical Zone
  • Water and Climate
  • 水与卫生

万博亚洲体育前沿in Water编委会欢迎跨越此范围内的专业知识应用到高调编委等职务。


Chief Editor Praveen Kumar calls for understanding water resources in all its facets

“The strain on water resources from local to global scale is being exacerbated by increasing interaction between various stressors including human systems (from public health to economic growth), sustainability of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and the preservation of the critical zone,” explains Professor Kumar.

“As the world races to a population of 10 billion in a little over 30 years, we will need to develop new paradigms for understanding, managing and using this precious resource. Solutions need to be rooted in deeper scientific understanding that can detect nuanced patterns and trends in diverse environments. This science must be anchored in evidence provided by emerging data streams, and predictions of dynamics at the confluence of seemingly unrelated drivers. Societal institutions, civic societies, and governance models will need to strongly integrate co-evolving water related constraints into developing effective solutions.”

万博亚洲体育前沿in Water将利用开放访问框架发布新的,高品质的跨学科的研究,涵盖理论,分析和计算的进步;驱动机器/深度学习的发展,包括人工智能应用的数据;实验和观测调查;在感测,测量和其它数据收集的进步办法有关物理,化学,生物,生态和人类的尺寸,和调查基于其;在政策的进步,经济和管理与水有关。

该journal will welcome research from both academia and industry, creating a synergistic network which facilitates the evolution of the fast-growing and exciting field of water resources study.

万博亚洲体育前沿in Water will be open for submissions in the coming months.

万博亚洲体育前沿journals lead in citations and rank in top Impact Factor and CiteScore percentiles.See full analysis


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