Dolphins deliberately killed for use as bait in global fisheries

万博亚洲体育海洋科学前沿: Dolphins deliberately killed for use as bait in global fisheries


The harvest of aquatic mammals for bait is widespread globally, but most common in Latin America and Asia

- 通过蔡健雅彼得森

Important new research released ahead of WorldOceansDay exposes the widespread practice of killing aquatic mammals such as dolphins, sea lions, seals and otters for use as bait in global渔业。发表在开放获取期刊万博亚洲体育海洋科学前沿, the study shines a new light into what researchers say is an issue that has so far received little attention within the scientific andconservationcommunities.

Bycatch — the incidental capture of dolphins, sea turtles, birds and other non-targeted species in fishing operations — is a well-known problem. Less well-known is the widespread practice of acquiring and using aquatic mammals for bait. According to the researchers’ new systematic review, more than 40 species of aquatic mammals have been utilized as bait since 1970 in at least 33 countries, with more than 80% of these species deliberately killed for use in at least one fishery. Dolphins, for example, are commonly killed and used as bait in shark fisheries. Geographically, the practice appears to be most common in Latin America and Asia.

该研究的主要作者,凡妮莎J. Mintzer博士from the University of Florida, USA, says while the reviewed sources reveal that killing marine mammals for bait is widespread, there is little information on the status of the populations being killed and whether, or how fast, they are declining. However it is clear, based on a few locations where this information is available, that killing for bait can reach unsustainable levels and lead to population decline. Dr. Mintzer says witnessing this, first hand, prompted this latest scientific review.

“Killing for use as bait is a primary threat affecting Amazon river dolphins, known as botos — the species and issue I have studied since my Ph.D. dissertation. With this global review we wanted to see whether, and where, other species were killed for bait, and learn about possible solutions to stop the problem,” says Dr. Mintzer.


海洋动物的诱饵杀害,在一般情况下,秘密活动。因此,杀戮和对审查中发现的物种的影响程度可能会保持在可预见的未来是未知。manbetx 手机客户端Mintzer博士说,获得更好的数据现在应该成为当务之急。


The study’s authors also urge a focus on the enforcement of existing laws that make it illegal to kill marine mammals as well as the involvement of local communities and fishers in education and sustainable fishing programs and policies, as opposed to top-down implementation, to ensure success.

面对研究人员的一个关键限制是缺乏对问题的严重性信息 - 即如何在一个特定的区域或地区许多动物被杀害采购诱饵这种做法对受影响的居民的影响。manbetx 手机客户端虽然作者的分析进行了相应的限制,研究人员说,数据的缺乏是面临渔业管理者面临的共同挑战,并清楚地表明了更多的资源,更广泛的需要监测和评估。

来源文章:The Use of Aquatic Mammals for Bait in Global Fisheries

重新发布指南:开放获取和分享研究的一部分万博亚洲体育前沿的使命。当你有一个链接回原研只要 - 除非另有说明,您可以重新发布张贴在前沿的新闻博客文章。万博亚洲体育manbetx 手机客户端卖物品是不允许的。

1 Comment on Dolphins deliberately killed for use as bait in global fisheries

  1. 斯蒂芬妮·罗宾斯//2018年6月29日中午12:11//Reply

    This is horrible. One more reason not to eat fish- they require more killing than just the fish. Leave fish for other mammals and birds to eat, before we have out fished our seas.



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