The decoder brain training game on Peak.信用:高峰。


— by University of Cambridge,UK

剑桥大学的研究人员设计了一款新的“大脑训练”游戏,可以提高用户的注意力,根据发表在万博亚洲体育Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.该项目背后的科学家说,这可以为我们在忙碌的世界中面对的日常分心提供一种受欢迎的解药。

在他们的书中,The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World,Adam Gazzaley and Larry D.罗森指出,随着新技术的出现,需要对电子邮件和文本作出快速反应,同时开展多个项目,年轻人,including students,are having more problems with sustaining attention and frequently become distracted.This difficulty in focusing attention and concentrating is made worse by stress from a global environment that never sleeps and also frequent travel leading to jetlag and poor quality sleep.

Improvements in Attention Following Cognitive Training With the Novel "Decoder" Game on an iPad

“我们都有过下班回家的经历,觉得一整天都很忙,但不确定我们到底做了什么。Barbara Sahakian教授from the Department of Psychiatry."Most of us spend our time answering emails,看短信,搜索社交媒体,尝试多重任务。But instead of getting a lot done,we sometimes struggle to complete even a single task and fail to achieve our goal for the day.Then we go home,即使在那里,我们也很难在不拿起智能手机的情况下“关掉”看书或看电视。对于复杂的任务,我们需要进入“流程”并保持专注。”

近年来,as smartphones have become ubiquitous,there has been a growth in the number of so-called ‘brain training' apps that claim to improve cognitive skills such as memory,numerical skills and concentration.


In a study published in the万博亚洲体育行为神经科学的前沿Sahakian教授和他的同事GeorgeSavulich博士已经证明,在一个月的时间里在iPad上玩8个小时的解码器可以提高注意力和注意力。This form of attention activates a frontal-parietal network in the brain.

In their study,the researchers divided 75 healthy young adults into three groups: one group received Decoder,one control group played Bingo for the same amount of time and a second control group received no game.前两组的参与者被邀请参加为期一个月的八个一小时的会议,期间他们在监督下播放解码器或宾果游戏。

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所有75名参与者在试验开始时进行测试,然后在四周后使用Cantab快速视觉信息处理测试(RVP)。CANTAB RVP has been demonstrated in previously published studies to be a highly sensitive test of attention/concentration.

在测试期间,participants are asked to detect sequences of digits (e.g.2-4-6,3-5-7,4-6-8).A white box appears in the middle of screen,其中2到9的数字以伪随机顺序出现,以每分钟100位数的速度。要求参与者在每次检测到序列时按一个按钮。测试持续时间约为5分钟。

研究结果显示,RVP测量的注意力有显著差异。玩解码器的人比玩宾果游戏的人和不玩游戏的人要好。The difference in performance was significant and meaningful as it was comparable to those effects seen using stimulants,如哌醋甲酯,或者尼古丁。前者,也被称为利他林,is a common treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

为了确保解码器在不损害转移注意力的能力的情况下提高集中注意力和集中度,研究人员还测试了参与者的能力。Decoder performance also improved on this commonly used neuropsychological test of attentional shifting.在测试过程中,参与者必须首先关注数字,然后将注意力转移到字母上,然后再转移到数字上。此外,参与者喜欢玩游戏,and motivation remained high throughout the 8 hours of gameplay.

萨哈金教授评论说:“很多人告诉我,他们很难集中注意力。解码器应该帮助他们提高这样做的能力。In addition to healthy people,我们希望这个游戏对那些有注意力障碍的病人有好处,包括ADHD或外伤性脑损伤。我们计划今年对创伤性脑损伤患者展开一项研究。”

Dr Savulich added: "Many brain training apps on the market are not supported by rigorous scientific evidence.我们的循证游戏是交互式开发的,游戏开发人员,Tom Piercy确保游戏的趣味性和趣味性。The level of difficulty is matched to the individual player and participants enjoy the challenge of the cognitive training."

The game has now been licensed through Cambridge Enterprise,the technology transfer arm of the University of Cambridge,到应用程序开发人员峰值,who specialise in evidence-based ‘brain training' apps.This will allow Decoder to become accessible to the public.Peak has developed a version for Apple devices and is releasing the game today as part of the Peak Brain Training app.Peak Brain Training is available from the App Store for free and Decoder will be available to both free and pro users as part of their daily workout.该公司计划在今年晚些时候为Android设备提供一个版本。

“Peak的解码器版本比我们最初的测试游戏更具挑战性,so it will allow players to continue to gain even larger benefits in performance over time," says Professor Sahakian.“通过授权我们的游戏,we hope it can reach a wide audience who are able to benefit by improving their attention."

Xavier Louis峰的首席执行官adds: "At Peak we believe in an evidenced-based approach to brain training.This is our second collaboration with Professor Sahakian and her work over the years shows that playing games can bring significant benefits to brains.We are pleased to be able to bring Decoder to the Peak community,帮助人们克服注意力问题。”

原文: Improvements in Attention Following Cognitive Training With the Novel "Decoder" Game on an iPad

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