No more deer in the headlight

Deer shown to use wildlife road crossing underpasses




穿越美国93号公路的大型哺乳动物更有可能使用野生动物穿越structures than move past a random location in the surroundinghabitat,新的研究表明。研究小组还发现,不同位置的道路交叉结构之间的动物活动不同,suggesting that location might be more important than design.这些发现,发表于万博亚洲体育生态学与进化前沿,are a first step towards a better understanding what makes wildlife crossing structures effective.

研究人员评估了93号公路平顶印第安保护区野生动物穿越结构的有效性,蒙大拿,美国要了解野生动物是如何通过与周围栖息地相关的穿越结构移动的,评估结构位置的影响。With the help of motion-sensing trail cameras placed at the entrances of 15 arch-style wildlife underpasses and spread throughout the adjacent habitat,研究人员可以在6个月的时间内监测和测量大型哺乳动物在穿越结构中的移动。

数据显示,总体而言,large mammals (all species combined) were 146% more likely to use the crossing structures than to pass at a random location in the surrounding habitat.在物种层面上,white-tailed deer and mule deer were particularly likely to use the underpasses,而黑熊、土狼等食肉动物则以与在周围随机地点相似的速度通过通道。

这表明结构在改善或维护生境连通性穿越公路形成的屏障的野生动物。The research team also found that animal movement through the crossing passages varied between different locations,suggesting that location might be more important than design.

The negative effects of roads and traffic on wildlife habitats and populations are well documented.这些影响包括直接影响,如栖息地退化和破碎化,以及在穿越道路时与车辆碰撞造成的直接伤害和死亡。

“在最近几十年,越来越多的公路建设and reconstruction projects have included mitigation measures aimed at reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions and maintaining habitat connectivity for wildlife," says one of the study's authors,a.Z.安迪斯from Yale University,美国。

However,由于野生动物穿越结构的规模和成本,it has been difficult for researchers to obtain a detailed understanding of the relative importance of the design and placement of crossings.Moreover,most wildlife mitigation projects are not designed to contribute novel data.

"To date,只有很少的研究根据与周围栖息地动物丰度的严格比较来评估交叉结构的有效性,”Andis指出。

"In the absence of large-scale,控制环境下的操纵实验,道路领域生态必须利用严格的观测,control-manbetx 手机客户端impact design.With every new wildlife-friendly road construction project,new potential data points enter the field.我们建议随后的交叉结构评估采用与我们研究中类似的抽样方法,so that the new data points can be used as replicates in statistical analysis of the variables that manbetx 手机客户端impact wildlife crossing structures," he concludes.

The article is part of the 万博亚洲体育Frontiers Research Topic交通基础设施与生活景观相结合


通讯作者: a.Z.安迪斯

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